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Posters should be prepared following the usual procedures adopted by the Brazilian Chemical Society. For those not familiar with it, we reproduce here the main features that should be displayed by a typical poster. Use these guidelines for preparing your posters for the 14th BMOS.

The poster’s dimensions should be 0.90 m x 0.90 m with some tolerance on its height, that is, posters can be a little higher than 1 m but should not be wider than 0.9 m. Poster should be mounted using a double faced tape only. The tape will be available at the secretary of the 14th BMOS. 

Some tips on how to prepare your poster 

:: Make a concise and descriptive title of your work
:: Make a clear statement of your objectives
:: Do not forget to include the e-mail of the main author
:: For the description of your work use schemes, graphics and figures. Avoid too much text to describe the experiments
:: The text should be visible at least 1 meter from the poster
:: Use a clear background and avoid too many colors
:: Add conclusions
:: Do not forget to include acknowledgments
:: For more information on how to prepare your poster, consult Biophysical Journal 1996, 71, 3527-3529; Biochemistry Education 1997, 25(3), 136-137; Journal of Biological Education 1999, 33 (4), 209-214


The invited oral presentations should be prepared using the Power Point program. Those who require other facilities must contact the organizing committee well before the beginning of the Meeting.

All conference rooms will be equipped with a Windows-based PC and a projector for Power Point presentations.

The Power Point presentations should be made available at the slide desk at least two hours before your session starts.

All authors who are going to present lectures or oral presentations should introduce themselves to the session chairman, before their session begins.

All presentations will be deleted immediately after the session ends. 

The oral sessions comprise three kinds of presentations: 

- Plenary - with a maximum time of 60 min. including Questions and Answers.
- Invited - 40 min. including Q&A.
- Flash presentations - 10 min. without Q&A.

Session Chairs
The session Chairs are responsible for: 

- Introducing the speakers. - Ensuring that presentations start and end on time, to permit the delegates to take part in other sessions.