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     The first attempt to get Brazilian synthetic organic chemists together took place at the University of Brasília in 1982 as an initiative of prof. Peter Bakuzis and prof. Olivia Campos, when about 15 organic chemists met to discuss their research projects.
     In 1986, Prof. João V. Comasseto organized an informal meeting at the Institute of Chemistry, USP, that attracted around 100 participants among senior and junior researchers, as well as graduate and undergraduate students, all having organic synthesis as their subject of research. At this meeting, the basis of a periodical meeting of the organic chemists dedicated to organic synthesis in Brazil was established, it being agreed that the next meeting would be in Porto Alegre, under the coordination of prof. Valter Stefani. This meeting was successfully carried out in 1987, with around 200 participants. In Porto Alegre, it was agreed that the following meeting would take place in São Carlos in 1988, and that Prof. José Tércio B. Ferreira would act as the general secretary. The 3rd BMOS changed the scope of our meetings as nine outstanding international synthetic organic chemists were invited as guest (see BMOS History), English was the official language and international advertisement was sought. 
     It was clear in the minds of those who helped Prof. Tercio to organize the first BMOS with invited foreign speakers that one of the major goals should be to foster the active participation of graduate and undergraduate students with research interests in organic synthesis. In fact, several sandwich and pos-doctoral programs involving brazilian PhD students were established as a result of this initiative.  
     Another practice recommended was that the following meetings would take place in different locations, always involving considerable number of synthetic organic chemists. 
     We have certainly gone a long and successful way since some of us, about 20 years ago, cherished a dream: having a lively and competitive community established in Brazil devoted to synthetic organic chemistry, publishing regularly in international journals and pursuing inovative ideas. We are pleased to see that several brazilian organic chemists are respected in Brazil and abroad for their contributions to the field. But there is certainly much more to be done. We have to be able not only to contribute to our field of research with innovative and challenging ideas but also to prepare the new generations to come with a scientific knowledge as broad as possible in order to be able to take a step further and contribute to scientific knowledge in its broadest sense. 
     Ref. COMASSETO, J. V., PILLI, R. A., SIMONELLI, F. J. Braz. Chem. Soc. 2001, 12, 565.

The Brazilian Meeting on Organic Synthesis (BMOS) is the premier meeting for organic chemists in the Southern Hemisphere.  It combines the best of chemistry with the wonderful Brazilian culture.  The friendly atmosphere and lively discussion and social events make this a meeting that simply must be experienced.

Prof. Gary A. Molander
University of Pennsylvania
BMOS is a delightful meeting! It brings together scientists from around the globe to experience excellent organic chemistry and delightful Brazilian culture -food, music, dance, and more. Those attending the 14th BMOS are certain to have a memorable experience.
Prof. Larry Overman
University of California - Irvine
I have attended the meeting a few years ago and was amazed by the quality of presentations and organization of the meeting. The organizers of the BMOS series always suceed in putting an excellent list of speakers together which not only benefits the Brazilian scientific community but also chemists from other countries who attend this conference. I very much enjoyed myself attending the last meeting and am looking forward to participate in future events.

Prof. C. Oliver Kappe
University of Graz, Austria
There are few conferences in the world with this incredible mix of excellent science and relaxed interactions with young and eager Brazilian scientists. BMOS traditionally features lectures of the worlds organic chemistry elite spiced with infusions from leading Latin American and Brazilian researchers. The popularity of this top event is additionally enhanced by its setting in a typical Brazilian resort with local flair and friendship, churrasco (BBQ) and music.
Prof. Ludger Wessjohann
IPB, Germany